Master Bathroom Remodel

Remodel is in Full Swing

Electrical √  Porcelain Tile Floor √  Custom Cabinets √  Gorgeous Hardware √

Shower Room, Tiling in progress by the fabulous Joe from #Tithof


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#Colorado…Vacation living all year long…A perfect place to purchase that other home.

Recently we renovated a fabulous condo in #Beavercreek, CO.

The client was excited to decorate in a style that was very different from their home in the East!  This environment was to be welcoming and relaxing.  They needed durable fabrics that would withstand Grandchildren & Renters!  Surfaces and finishes had to be timeless and accommodating for large gatherings.

We considered the fabulous view when we were making our selections…reflecting the hues of the outdoors and the textures of summer trees and foliage!

Custom Dining Table made locally, Custom Sofas and Ottoman by @Nathan Anthony and accents by @Uttermost. A @Masland area rug plants the space.

Whether coming off the ski slopes or from a hike…Colorado living at its most comfortable!






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New Home needs Decorating too!

So you are purchasing a #home!?

You have hunted and looked… made lists of what you want, the best areas, the best schools…as well as what you can spend for this home.

First time purchasers often get excited at the prospect of having a new home…But young couples often forget that they also need to paint, furnish and add window treatments!

Again and again these homes that meet all the criteria remain undecorated and empty for years due to lack of furnishing funds.

It is so important to consider the total budget when making this very important purchase…of course there are the taxes, maintenance and upkeep…just to mention a few…as well as keeping that cushion of cash for immediate decorating…

So what will be left for that Childs Bedroom, the Family Room, Master bedroom furniture, not to mention the dining room you were hoping to entertain in for holidays!

Look at the whole picture when making this purchase…unless you are buying a home to flip…realize the budget you truly have. Be honest and true to yourself!  Your home purchase should not bankrupt you, but should push you as close to the max that you can…It is still a good investment!

Rely on your #Realtor as well as your #Interior #Designer to help you figure out the true costs!

Happy #House hunting!



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Expensive Homes

Have you ever wondered what the most expensive homes in the world could cost…Or what they would even look like! Like you, we enjoy seeing what kind of luxury real estate a ton of money can buy and where they are located, and perhaps even more so because we’re in the interior design industry.

We can all dream, but interior designers like us can help you turn those dreams into a reality, even for a less expensive home!

The link below is full of inspiration – these are the most expensive and spectacular addresses in the world for sure.  Meet-the-5-Most-Expensive-Homes-of-the-World-759x290

The Most Expensive Homes

And then enjoy checking out the  Most Expensive Penthouse in the world.

Homes like this not in your budget? Remember that there is no end to what a fabulous interior design can do for any property. Just share your inspiration and let us turn your dreams into reality.

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Interior Redesign

Talented Interior Designers have the vision required to see A become see the finished product before it is complete.  Clients often have difficulty envisioning the end result.

Clear communication is the key to achieving the best end result.

When the client hired us, this is what we walked into…


From this point forward many decisions about door frames, window casings, paint colors, built in cabinets, furniture and fabrics had to be made in order to keep the project on track.

We listened and together we redesigned this space.

The client with our guidance selected stunning Donghia and Italmond Chairs, Hartmann & Forbes Woven Woods, and Custom Built in Cabinetry.

And the end result was to die for!

Living Room (final) 400

Turn your Dreams into Reality!

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When you look at this stunning condominium in downtown Chicago, all you see is the beautiful end result.

What you don’t see is the blood, sweat & tears that went into this project! In addition to the meetings with the client/owner, builder & architect the interior designer also selected everything you see! All the tile, paint colors, cabinetry, finishes, plumbing and light fixtures…add up to an exorbitant amount of time to create this stunning interior space! 13350241_10154271004974066_3261007186862989336_o

Interior remodeling projects like these require a gazillion hours as well as an unlimited amount of patience and perseverance on all parts.  Every trade depends on each other to complete their portion in a timely manner in order to go on to the next.  However there are always glitches!  So many decisions have to be made and then they often have to be remade as unknowns arise.  Surprises that we know will happen and will upset the “schedule”!

We are the interior designer but we often also play the role of psychologist.  We are supposed to read minds, solve issues on the spot and keep everyone happy!  Not always an easy task!

End results like this gorgeous Condominium are always worth the process! Interior Design by @Collaborate Design Studio




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Downtown Condo Rehab Complete

After all that rehabilitation and construction…this condo is now a place of beauty!13350241_10154271004974066_3261007186862989336_o

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Custom Built In Bar


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Chicago Condo construction continues…

This fabulous renovation is almost done! IMG_3703

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Invest in Your Home!

Its that time of year if you’re trying to decide whether to update or relocate, consider working with an interior designer either way – you’ll be able to create a customized space and the home of your dreams.

Designer Views

In these financially insecure times, everyone is watching their spending. The media is either scaring us or giving us hope depending upon which station we are on or which day we are listening. Stocks are up, stocks are down! What is a person to do?

Your home is one investment you can rely on. It will be there through thick or thin. So why not make it your haven. If there is ever a time to invest in your home it is now! The money you spend creating the interior of your dreams, will give you a substantial emotional return!

Coming home to an environment you want to be in; an environment you want to share with your family and friends, is one to be proud of and comforted by!

Acquiring beautiful, good quality products that will last a lifetime is prudent. Furniture of high quality is furniture that lasts…

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